Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department's
Foundry Laboratory has 390 m2 working space.

There are two induction furnaces in the main hall.
They are powered by Ajax Northrup and Ajax Magnethermic
made high frequency generators. The Ajax Magnethermic
generator is equiped with two separate melting furnaces
made by Inductotherm Company which can be operated
alternatively. The large Inductotherm coreless induction
furnace has a melting capacity of 10 kg aluminium alloy
and 16-17 Kg cast iron. The other small Inductotherm
melting furnace has a melting capacity of 4 kg aluminium
and 5-6 Kg cast iron.

Vacuum induction furnace is made by Balzers-Elphiac .
It has 10-15kg ferrous alloy melting capacity
and reaching a vacuum value of 10-5 Torr.

There are two fuel fired furnaces in the main hall having
5-150 kg nonferrous alloy melting capacity.

Centrifugal casting machine having 13-16-17.5 mm dia
and 20-28 mm height cylindical cast iron moulds for tubes
and diesel engine sleeve castings.

Sand casting facilites and flasks are available for casting
up to 6-8 kg Aluminium and 10 kg cast iron parts.

Novacast NovaSolid 98 Solidification Simulation Software
is used to see the shrinkage and casting defects
and soundness prediction for a particular
part-riser-gating system design.

middle east technical university department of metallurgical and materials engineering
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