Thermal analysis, heating and cooling curves of alloys and pure metals,
principles of temperature measurements, macroexamination of
cast-ingot structures, growth of solid grains in pure metals and alloys.
Production of nodular cast iron, magnesium addition and innoculation.
Chill testing of cast iron

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Molding sands and sand casting, refractoriness test,
mold making practice, carbon dioxide molding,
core and mold making with organic binders,
heat curing binders, core oils, core resins,
methylene blue test.

Solidification of pure metals, Solidification of alloys. Macrostructure
development. The rate of solidification, Heat transfer in solidification.
Riser design and placement, Gating system. Solidification induced
stress and strain. Casting technology. Melting methods and furnaces.
Mold and core making.
Strongly recommended: MetE 308 Physical Metallurgy.

Foundry sands, green sand concept, quartz-clay interface,
clay-clay interface, Quartz-clay-water interface. Moulding mixtures,
additives core concept; oil bonded cores. CO2 process, cold setting,
core making. Casting processes; sand casting, die casting, centrifugal
casting, investment casting, other processes. Melting methods,
melting furnaces. Melting of cast iron in cupola. Non-ferrous
industrial alloys; Al-alloy Cu-alloy, other non-ferrous alloys.
Steel casting processes.

Mathematical analysis of solidification. Heat transfer problem in
ingot casting. Continuous casting process. Refined melting techniques.
Metallurgy and casting of corrosion resistant and
heat resistant alloys and special steels.

The methods for manufacturing small section products such as strip,
fibre, flake, wire directly from molten metal. Spray rolling,
the Taylor wire process, melt spinning, melt overflow, melt drag,
melt extraction, double roll quenching, thin slab casting (belt drive)
and laser glaze process. Mass and heat flow analysis. Alloy design,
dimensional control. Alloy parameters such as melt delivery speed,
viscosity and surface tension.

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