Metal-Hydrogen Research Group deals with synthesis and applications of metal hydrides.  The main activity of the group   is   directed towards    those hydrides suitable for hydrogen storage, i.e. compounds that can   be loaded/unloaded reversibly with hydrogen   at near ambient conditions.  The group has also interest in thermochromic hydrides  especially those that switches from opaque to transparent state near ambient conditions.We are also interested in the use of hydrides  in material processing,i.e. hydrides as foaming agent  and hydrogenation as a method of  structural refinement in milling









Recent Publication:


H. Akyıldız M. Özenbaş and T. Öztürk  “ Hydrogen Storage  in Mg based Crystalline Thin Films , Int. J. Hydrogen Enery,  31,2006, 1379-1383





M. Güvendiren, E. Baybörü and T. Öztürk Effects of additives on mechanical milling and hydrogenation of magnesium powders   Int. J. of Hydrogen Energy, 29, 2004, 491-496






Metallic thin films of suitable composition when reacted with hydrogen may alter their optical properties. Photograph above refers to Mg-Cu-Ni/Pd thin films. In the as-deposited state (left), the film is a opaque/mirror, but upon hydrogenation the film becomes transparent













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