Sievert Measurments

 We have two Sievert type instruments both of our own design. One operated manually handles sample sizes

 typically few hundred miligrams. The other is currently under construction  is more precise  with automated control and  data acquision. The latter  handles sample sizes as small as few miligrams. Both instruments allow measurements at  temperatures as high as 400 oC andd pressures  up to 70 bar

Baybörü(Berkman) 2001.





Glove-box  ,as in most equipment in the lab  is home-made, has a capacity of  slightly over   63 lt. Transfer chamber  has a capacity of 0. 100 lt . The box normally operated  with positive pressure with flow rate of argon  typically 10 ml/min, 

Guvendiren 2001




Powder Processing Equipment .

Equipment for powder processing  include ball mill, spex mill and several attritor mills.

They would handle small   samples typically 5- 10 grams





Thin Film Processing Equipment

We use thermal evaporator for thin film processing. Bell jar system shown above enables vacuum

levels close to   10 -7 mbar.   The system currently in use employs stainlesss steel jar  with wire sealed  flange allowing vacuum levels better than  10 -8 mbar

Akyıldız 2004



Furnaces ( Serdar Tan, 2004)     

 Material Processing Equipment .

We have furnaces and a swager . The latter is used  quite often in powder processing as a consolidation method. The swager has    dies which would allow swaging down to   24,   19.75,  15 , 11 , 8.8  ,6.6  4.5 mm diameter .



















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