Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen is an energy carrier like electricity.

The former has the advantage that it can be stored.   It is this property  of hydrogen that attracts   so much interest in energy research.  Hydrogen which can be generated  e.g via electrolysis of water or steam reformation of methane   may well   be stored in    high-pressure tanks. Where the volume and the weight  of tanks are not of concern as in some stationary applications,   this form of hydrogen storage   is  quite acceptable. For most applications    ( stationary  as well as

 mobile )   a denser form of hydrogen /energy  storage,  comparable to that of

a gasoline  tank in a car , would be required.


Research effort in the group  ,within the general framework depicted above,

focuses on thermodynamics and kinetics of metal- hydrogen reaction.  We concentrate on processing routes that    allow  easy control of material   chemistry. Materials of concern

are often nanostructured, therefore, techniques yielding such structures

   are of particular   interest.



We are partners in NESSHY ,ie.    integrated project (FP6) on solid state storage of hydrogen and

 in a national (DPT-YUUP)   project on  hydrogen-fuel cell. 



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Thermochromic Hydrides


Hydrides as foaming agent

Foaming process requires an ingredient that would decompose  within a specific temperature interval where the liquid metal has the right viscosity.   In Aluminum this is usually TiH2.



















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