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Appointments are arranged via MetE ScheduleME system. You can connect to the system to check or book a reservation for equipments.


For departmental users; it is strongly suggested to use the devices by your own. You should apply to laboratory research associates to take driving licence. Otherwise please apply to them to take an appointment.

You can use the lab every time by registering to the MetE ScheduleMe system (preferably evenings and weekends). Reservation limits for the devices are as follows:

Device min max
SEM 30 min 4 h
FESEM 1 h 2 h
FETEM 4 h 8 h
XRF 30 min 2 h

You can cancel your reservation anytime before your session starts. If you did not start within 10 minutes of your session; your reservation will be cancelled and the session will be open to all other users. In case of repetition, your allowance of device will be prohibitted for a month.


  • The lab is open every workday (Monday through Friday), between 08:40 -17:40. You can contact within these period.
  • In a day; SEM and FESEM operates in two sessions 09:30 - 12:00 and 13:30 - 16:30. One can take an appointment for any one of these sessions on any date. FETEM operates only on Wednesdays between 09:00 - 17:00.
  • Lab appointments are arranged by research associates of the laboratory. You can apply personally, or through dialing +90(312) 210 5909 / +90(312) 210 7494. Due to high work load; your reserved session will be within the one or two weeks following your application. So during application do not insist on taking a date within a few days. It is strongly recommended to plan your works considering this time interval.
  • Please, come to your session as early as possible otherwise inform us by dialing. If you did not start within 10 minutes of your session; your reservation will be cancelled. In case of repetition, your allowance of device will be prohibitted.
  • Monday mornings (between 09:30 - 12:00) is particularly reserved for preparation of specimens that need coating. Specimens of this kind (non-conducting materials, for example) must be delivered, on monday mornings preceding one's appointment date. It is strongly requested that specimen delivery is carried out as early as possible, not exceeding 10:00 o'clock.

Here are some useful (in fact, essential) remarks for you before coming to your appointment.

  • Check whether your samples are sufficiently conductive or not.
    If the conductivity of the specimen is poor, you will certainly have a charging problem while working in our microscope. Please note that samples of this kind should have to be coated, so you should deliver your samples on the date and time cited in Lab. Working Schedule!
  • Be sure that your sample can easily be fed into the specimen chamber.
    It should be quite obvious that there is a limitation on the size of the samples you can put in the microscope.
    For SEM--> Height: 15mm max; diameter: 25mm max.
    For FESEM, FETEM and XRF --> Please apply to lab associates.
  • Protect your specimens with utmost care.
    Do not touch or let anyone touch your samples. Dirt and/or damage on your specimen is a serious problem, so take special care to hinder it. This is particularly important if you want to work with fracture surfaces, since any damage you introduce to your specimen will cause important detail to be lost!
  • Learn what you can and cannot do.
    It is our responsibility to serve you the best, but we cannot serve what our microscopes cannot do! Take a look at the details of our equipments and please ask for further questions.