Tuba`s first paper published in Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids:


Congrats to our recent graduate: CAN YILDIRIM


Ozgun Acar and Mert Ovun present their senior capstone design project at TUBITAK contest


Can Yıldırım and Mertcan Baskan won the first and third place in "Student Poster Contest of 21st National Electron Microscopy Conference- Mersin".


Dr. Charles Fisher from University of Florida visits our group between June 24-28.


Fatih Sikan, Mertcan Baskan and Mustafacan Kutsal have attended the second Henry Moseley  X-ray Summer School in Marmaris.


Dr. Kalay has received TMS`13 Technical Division Young Professional Poster Award in Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division


Can Yildirim and  Mustafacan Kutsal will conduct synchrotron based HEXRD experiments at Elettra Synchtron Light Source (Trieste, Italy)  between May 18-25 2013:


Mert Ovun visits Dr. Kramer for a summer study in "Structure and Dynamics in Condensed Systems" research group @ Ames Laboratory US DOE (USA).


Dr. Voyles from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA visits our group between May 6-9

Dr. Voyles` seminar announcement

Our recent Acta Materialia paper was featured by "Advances in Engineering" series:


Congrats to our first graduates!!

Tuba Demirtas and Anil Kantarcioglu


Guher Kotan visits Prof. Chumbley's group @ ISU-USA.

Guher's paper published at MSEA (Congrats!!)



J. Hwang, Z.H. Melgarejo, Y.E. Kalay, I. Kalay, M.J. Kramer, D.S. Staone, P.M. Voyles, “Nanoscale Structure and Structural relaxation in Zr50Cu45Al5 Bulk Metallic Glass", Physical Review Letters, 108, 195505, 2012.


Can Yıldırım, A. Merve Genç and Mert Övün attended Henry Moseley  X-ray Summer School in Marmaris.


Reserach Proposal accepted by Elettra Synchrotron Light Facility in Italy (


Invited talk received from TMS 2012, Orlando, FL, USA.

M.J. Kramer, Y.E. Kalay, P.M. Voyles, J. Hwang, R. Ott, M. Besser, Y. Zhang, Y. Wu, “Effect of Structure on the Devitrification Pathways in Al-Tb Systems”, TMS, Orlando, USA, 2012. - invited.

Y.E. Kalay, M.J. Kramer, T. Demirtaş, M.A. Genç, J. Hwang, P.M. Voyles, “Medium range Order Correlations in Liquid and As-Quenched Al-Tb Systems”, TMS, Orlando, FL, USA, 2012.

S.O. Turhan, B.W. King, Y.E. Kalay, L.S. Chumbley, “Embrittelement in Superaustenitic Stainless Steels”,  TMS, Orlando, FL, USA, 2012.

Z.H. Melgarejo*, J. Hwang, C. Zhang, J.E. Jakes, Y.E. Kalay, M.J. Kramer, P.M. Voyles, D.S. Stone, “Study of Plastic Deformation in Structural Modified Zr-Cu-Al Metallic Glasses by Broadband Nanoindentation Creep”, TMS, Orlando, FL, USA, 2012.  


Assoc. Prof. Yao Weijing from Materials Phyics and Chemistry Dept. of Northwestern Polytechnique University (China) has been visiting our research group.


 Invited talk received from THERMEC'2011 Canada.

"Effects of Local Chemical and Topological Ordering in Controlling Nanocrystal Formation in Al-Rare Earth (RE) Alloys", Y.E. Kalay, Tuba Demirtas, I. Kalay, J. Hwang, P. M. Voyles, R.E. Napolitano, M.J. Kramer.