Here are the facilities available in the SEM lab! If you want to get more information on the properties of the electron microscopes, you can follow the "Links" tab in the navigation panel on the left. We should remind you, however, that you will confront many electron microscopy related terms. If you are not familiar with these terms, we recomended you to first visit the "What's SEM?" tab. If you have an appointment, please check the "Appointments" tab  before visiting the laboratory.




JSM-6400 Electron Microscope (JEOL), equipped with NORAN System 6 X-ray Microanalysis System & Semafore Digitizer

This is the microscope you will see when you come to your appointment. Equipped with secondary and backscattered electron detectors and an X-Ray microanalysis system, it is capable of providing both topographical and compositional information about your specimen.

STEREOSCAN S4-10 Electron Microscope (CAMBRIDGE)

It is a real grandfather microscope! But thanks to Mr. Cengiz Tan, it is still working! It is not used in routine work, but ready to be used if necessary.

HUMMLE VII Sputter Coating Device (ANATECH)

Samples are coated with a very thin layer of a gold-palladium (Au-Pd) alloy or carbon (C) in this device.



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