METE 206 "Materials Laboratory" (1-4)3

Crystallography and X-ray diffraction; phase identification.


           Prof. Dr. Amdulla MEKHRABOV

Res. Asst. Hülya ARSLAN


METE 310 "Material Characterization" (2-2)3

Properties of X-rays and electron beams. Spectroscopy. Fundamentals of crystallography. Diffraction, direction of diffracted beam; diffraction under non-ideal conditions, crystal structure determination. Intensities of diffracted beam. Precise parameter measurement. Phase diagram determination. Order-disorder transitions. Characterization of amorphous materials. Design of material characterization procedures.


Prof. Dr. Tayfur ÖZTÜRK

Res. Asst. Y.Eren KALAY

     Res. Asst. Hasan AKYILDIZ



METE 507 "Advanced Crystallography and Diffraction"

Advanced theory of diffraction. Matrix operations and their application to crystallography. Symmetry, space groups structure analysis, imperfect lattices, strain and texture. Diffraction in non-crystalline materials.


          Prof. Dr. Amdulla MEKHRABOV